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Panor D AIR

Welding helmet:
- True Color Vision through 180°Panoramic viewing window
- Better arc capture ability with 5 sensors
- Darkest Shade up to DIN14
- Auto Pilot Shade Control system
- Automatic Delay Control, Gradual delay Mode available
- Automatic Sensitivity Set
- Equipped with comfortable headgear under ergonomic design
Respiratory System:
- Full protection for both eyes and face
- Protect against concentrated fuses and gas emissions
- Respiratory protection system suitable for high altitude area
- Ergonomic waistbelt design
- Alarms for obstructed filter or low battery
- 2 air flow modes available: 170L/min and 200L/min
- Convenient carrying bag for the complete unit and accessories


Welding Helmet:


Optical rating: 1/1/1/1
View area: 115 x 85 mm main window35/80 x 68 mm side window
Sensors: 5
Lens Shade (DIN): 4-8/8-12 main window10 side windows
Light State(DIN): 3 main window; 3 side window
Dark State: 4-8/8-14 main window; 10 side window
Control: Digita
Shade Control: Auto/Manual
Shade Deviation Of Auto Shade: -2.0 - +2.0
Sensitivity: 0-7, Auto
TAC welding: YES
Gradual shade return to clear state: YES
Switch Time: 0.04ms
Power Supply: Solar Panel & Lithium Batteries 2*CR2032
UV & IR protection: Up to shade 16
TIG: >2A
Weight: 570gr
Certification: CE (EN166 EN175 EN379 EN12941)



Respiratory Protection System:










Air Flow Normal 170L/min
  Enhanced 200L/min
Battery Life Normal >8h
  Enhanced >6-7.5h
Airtight 98% (TH2)  
Filter effectiveness 99.996% to 0.3μm  
Noise 72dB max  
Charge time 4-5h  
Battery Type Li-ion  
Waist belt Size 800mm-1300mm  
Weight 2.55Kg  
Standard EN 12941  


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